Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Earth day is the day we all look at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint to protect and improve the environment. 20% of all greenhouse gases come from automobiles, so it makes sense to start there.

The rising gas prices are causing many people to look towards replacing their gas guzzler with a more fuel-efficient vehicle. That is a good thing, not just for the economy. Newer vehicles get better gas mileage than their older models and produce less toxic emissions. Also, many new cars are made with recycled materials. Some of the fabrics in them are made with recycled yarn and some of the plastics are reinforced with wheat straw.
Anyone looking to purchase a new or newer vehicle should consider donating their older one to charity. If the car donation only requires minor repairs, the charity will make sure those repairs are made and that the car passes inspection and emissions testing before it is sold to the public.

Every Day Should Be Earth Day
Every Day Should Be Earth Day

If the vehicle needs major repairs, the charity will ensure that all the fluids are drained from it and properly recycled. Additionally, the useful parts will be removed from the car and sold. The remaining metal and other materials will be crushed and sold. The charity will use the monies derived from the sale of the vehicle or its parts to help it further its mission.

Anyone who is not replacing their car can still help the environment by making the vehicle greener. There are many ways to do this. Keeping the vehicle tuned up, the tires inflated and changing the air filter often will produce up to a 25% improvement in gas mileage. The less gas that is used, the fewer emissions are produced. Driving slower and refraining from sudden starts and stops will also improve gas mileage and reduce the chances of getting into an accident.

A less toxic anti-freeze is now available. It is made from propylene glycol, works just as well and is 65% less toxic than the more popular ethylene glycol anti-freeze. A non-toxic windshield washer fluid can be made from adding one part vinegar to 3 parts of water. This can be used to replace the very toxic methanol fluid.
Some companies are now marketing motor oil that is partially made from recycled oil. New life-time wiper blades are available that are not made from petroleum-based rubber. They are 100% recyclable and are a good alternative to the non-biodegradable rubbers wipers that have to be replaced regularly. In addition to being better for our environment, these products help to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

There are many car cleaning products on the market that are non-toxic, biodegradable and free of synthetic dyes and fragrances. Most of them are made from palms, coconuts, corn, and soybeans. These products can be used to clean the outside or interior of the auto. Normal car wash products contain isopropyl alcohol, Teflon, fluoropolymers or ammonia.

Most car air fresheners contain chemicals such as phthalates, formaldehyde, and acetone. All of these chemicals are toxic. A small open container of baking soda can be used as an alternative.
While Earth Day is a good day to concentrate on cleaning up and protecting the environment, it is a practice that should continue every day of the year.


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