Learning a Few Facts About Web Donations

Learning a Few Facts About Web Donations

Web donations refer to the monetary donations made by people online through nonprofit websites or donation websites. A donation website allows the visitors of the site to contribute their money online. Most of the sites that allow anyone to donate money using one of the most popular and secure payment processors at present called PayPal since this does not require anyone to pay upfront costs.

 PayPal is secure enough that it allows you to transfer money details securely and deliver your donations directly into the online account of a nonprofit organization. Web donations have received extreme popularity at present because these are guaranteed to be accessible, secure and convenient.

 Web Donations
Learning a Few Facts About Web Donations

Web Donations: Tips in Creating your Own Donation Site
If you are one of those who love to help those who are in need, then you have to consider creating a nonprofit website or a donation website. 

Here are some tips that will allow you to successfully do this:

1. Use a software program which will allow you to receive web donations in a timely manner. This is something that you should do if you want to raise money to help someone who is featured in a news story in a faster manner. You have to consider using an existing software program when establishing your donation site so you won't end up wasting months or years doing this. One of the many things that you can do is to create a blog using Google's Blogger since this is offered for free and allows you to have your own blog within minutes. Using an existing program gives you the opportunity to focus more on the problem and raise the amount that you need at the fastest possible time.

2. Make sure that your site has a secure payment processing system. If your site comes with a payment processing system that is trustworthy, then it is greatly possible for you to receive web donations every time someone visits your site. As mentioned earlier, you can use PayPal as this is secure. If possible, avoid asking your visitors to give out their credit card details since there is a great chance that they would question the authenticity of your site even if you have good intentions.

3. Make sure that you accept web donations of any amount. Bear in mind that if you require your visitors to donate a set amount, then there is a great tendency that they will suspect that you are doing a fraudulent act. Tell your visitors that you accept all monetary donations regardless of the amount.

Effective Tools that will allow you to Receive Web Donations

Aside from PayPal, there are other online tools that you can use in successfully receiving the web donations of your website visitors.

 Here are some of them:

1. Google Checkout. This is a great tool because it offers free processing of donations to all Google Grant's recipients. Google Grant is known as a program which allows selected nonprofit websites and organizations to advertise their cause for free. Google Checkout offers donations buttons that you can put into your site so your visitors can start donating.

2. Internal E-commerce. Although this offers the most expensive upfront cost for receiving web donations, you can expect this to help your donation website to save a substantial amount of money in the future. If you are planning to use an internal e-commerce portal in receiving web donations, then be prepared to spend a lot of time and face some difficulties in setting it up. But once it is set up, you can expect it to offer benefits like providing better tracking of the essential data of your visitors.


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