Offering Incentives Increases Donor Response To Blood Drives

Offering Incentives Increases Donor Response To Blood Drives

The American Red Cross calls a blood donation, the gift of life. But sadly, fewer people donate blood on a regular basis. A new study from the University of Toronto, however, shows that more people will give a blood donation if they receive some kind of incentive, like a gift card.

The study found that 15 to 20% more people will donate blood if some kind of incentive is offered in the form of a T-shirt, a jacket, a gift card or coupons.

Donor Response To Blood Drives
Donor Response To Blood Drives
They were astounded by the increase they witnessed when simple incentives were thrown into the mix to entice people to make blood donations. Similar results have been seen in other studies conducted elsewhere in places like Argentina and the United States.

This seems to bear out the opinion held by market research companies that people respond very favorably to rewards of some like frequent flyer points.
The researchers did not see an increase in the number of participants who were turned away from donating blood because they did not meet the donor criteria. Nor did it appear to change the donors' motivations for giving blood.

The incentives had the effect of pulling in donors from other blood drives that were not offering incentives to their donors by attracting them to the perks offered by the study blood drive.

The study analyzed data from approximately 14,000 in Canada as well as approximately 500,000 conducted in the United States. They noted that between 30 and 40% of all American Red Cross blood drives currently offer some form of incentive. These must be in the form of merchandise of some sort because US law forbids giving monetary compensation for any blood donation that will ultimately be used for direct transfusions.

Currently, in both the United States and Canada less than 10% of the population donates blood. This is the main reason that it is so very important to find ways to increase blood donations.

Newer medical technology and better life-saving methods increase the need for blood every day. At the present time, donations barely meet the need. To find out where you can donate blood, visit the American Red Cross. Most people do not know that one pint of blood can save three lives. Donating blood is a painless and entirely risk-free activity. It will take approximately 30 minutes to donate a pint of blood and they will give you cookies and orange juice when you are finished. Blood donation centers are found in every city in the United States and blood can be given at any time, not just during a blood drive.


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