Simple Credit Card Payments for Easy Online Donations

Simple Credit Card Payments for Easy Online Donations

Donations play a key role in keeping any number of nonprofits, ranging from churches to charities, operating at an efficient and beneficial level. Offering your donors a chance to make simple credit card payments online can provide convenience, accessibility, and versatility to your donor's lifestyle. It can be cost-efficient for your entity, helping your financial budget. Online donations can be one of the easiest ways to increase your nonprofit's financial health.

Simple Credit Card Payments for Easy Online Donations
Simple Credit Card Payments for Easy Online Donations

Convenience is a key benefit of accepting credit card payments for easy online donations. Instead of writing checks, buying postage and mailing donations or stopping at their ATM machine, donors can easily sit in front of their computer and donate. Convenience increases your donations.

Some donors do not like carrying cash. By offering online donation options, these donors can comfortably use their credit cards to help your cause.

After making an online donation, donors can easily and conveniently print up receipts for their tax records. This saves you time and money, also.

Tied in with convenience is word-of-mouth advertising. When a donor is pleased enough with your easy online donation system, they may refer your site to their friends and social networks. Social networks are boundless, making it even easier to bring in that extra revenue your nonprofit so needs.

Ease of setup is another benefit of offering online donation options. Most software does not require any technical skills, making it a quick and painless process. You simply copy and paste the code onto your website, fundraising campaign page or blog. This allows visitors the chance to simply click on the 'Donate' button and start the donation process.

Offering easy online donation options can increase your awareness among total strangers, bringing in added revenue to your nonprofit. Potential donors searching the Internet may type in keywords associated with your nonprofit and be taken to your website. After reviewing your site, they may be enticed to make that needed simple credit card payment to help your nonprofit out.

Versatility is a key ingredient of having easy online donations

Offering your potential donors a chance to use several credit cards will increase your donation success. Efficient, simple credit card payment donation systems will offer MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Offering simple credit card payments is a cost-effective way to increase your donations. Your nonprofit saves money on postage, printing and check processing time. You receive your funds faster, making them available much quicker than other donation forms.

It is also a great way to keep donation records. Records help with accounting, keeping track of donor amounts, monthly total donations and/or other report data necessary to analyze the success of your donation campaign. Most software also allows you to export data into an accounting spreadsheet form.

Overall, customer feedback is very positive for easy online donation systems. Customers love the convenience, versatility, and comfort of using their computer to process payments with their chosen credit card. They enjoy being able to print up an immediate receipt.
Sending your customers an electronic thank you note will increase their satisfaction.

Customer service increases donor satisfaction.
The high quality and low cost of bank-level security for online transactions mean that giving online is safer than ever before. A well-secured site can build trust and result in increased revenue.
Implementing an online donation system can benefit both your nonprofit and your donors.


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