What Is Egg Donation

What Is Egg Donation

  How Can Egg Donation Benefit Couples Who Cannot Have Children

While most couples have no problem conceiving and bearing children, a small percentage of couples do suffer from infertility issues that can prevent them from having a normal conception. The problem can lie with the man or the woman or both partners. For normal conception to take place, the man needs to produce an adequate number of healthy sperms, and the woman needs to produce a healthy egg on a periodic basis.

What Is Egg Donation
What Is Egg Donation

Some women, especially those with advanced reproductive age, might have problems producing a healthy egg which is vital for a viable pregnancy. Some women might experience an early onset of menopause, preventing them from producing healthy eggs during their childbearing years. A very small percentage of women are also born without ovaries and therefore can never produce eggs. All these women can be helped through egg donation.

Egg donation is a process in which healthy eggs from a donor are retrieved and implanted into the recipient. The recipient can now have a normal pregnancy since the donated eggs are retrieved from a healthy woman capable of having children of her own.

The egg donation process is normally kept confidential and the donor and the recipient never come to know the identity of each other. But in some cases, they mutually agree to get acquainted so that they can get to know each other on a more intimate level.

Infertile couples who have lost all hopes of having children of their own can be helped through egg donation. There is also a high demand for donor eggs, as a number of infertile couples are looking for women who would be considerate enough to donate their eggs to help childless couples.

During the egg donation process, anywhere from 1 to 15 eggs are retrieved from the donor. The medical expenses involved in retrieving eggs from the donor are borne by the recipient. In some cases, the donor is also monetarily compensated for their service.
There are several organizations that help meet the supply and demand for healthy human eggs.

 They motivate women to donate their eggs to help infertile couples. They also have the women's personal, physiological and complete medical profile stored on their database. They then provide this information to infertile couples who are looking for donors. The identity of the donor is usually not revealed, but all the other medical and physiological characteristics are disclosed to help recipients choose a donor according to their personal preference.


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