Ideas For Giving Your Clothes a New Lease of Life

Ideas For Giving Your Clothes a New Lease of Life

Clothes should never just be discarded of. Whether they've shrunk, gone out of fashion, or don't fit anymore, they can be given a new lease of life. Get creative, and don't even think about stuffing everything in a bin bag and dumping it. In this day and age, it's all about doing what's best for the environment, and respecting that others may not have as much money to spend on clothing. We should play our part in ensuring we eradicate the throwaway culture that we've become so accustomed to.

Consider just some of the ways you could go about giving your clothes a new lease of life.


It's OK to get a bit bored with a piece of clothing you bought a few years ago. Think about what you could to do jazz it up a bit. For a simple yet effective detail, you could add buttons or bows to a classic T-shirt, coat or jumper.

Pop into your local haberdashery to see what they have on offer, and chat with the salespeople. They'll have a few tips up their sleeves, and will be able to advise you on the things you need to buy.

Alternatively, if you wouldn't call yourself a dab hand at arts and crafts, just dress the item up with jewelry such as brooches, chunky necklaces, or belts.

Donating and Recycling

There are various ways of donating unwanted items of clothing. If you've acquired many items, one of the easiest things to do is pick up a donation bag from your local charity shop, and arrange for the bag to be collected from your home. Some charities arrange for neighborhood-wide collections so you may receive a donation bag in the post with a note announcing the collection date.

If you can manage to carry all the goods yourself, just pop into your local charity shop where donations are accepted and processed at all times. Alternatively, many supermarkets have charity clothing boxes located in their car parks. Just ensure all your clothes are sealed in a plastic bag before disposing of them in the box.

When donating clothes, ensure they are clean and can be resold. Check them over for stains or holes. And use your common sense. Items such as underwear cannot be resold or handed out to those in need for reasons of personal hygiene.

When it comes to old clothes that cannot be re-worn, take these along to your local recycling center. The scraps will be used to make things such as cloths and stuffing for car seats.
Selling and Swapping

If you're looking to make some money from your old clothes, organize a yard sale or book yourself a stall at the local flea market or car boot sale. To ensure people actually browse and buy your goods, make the stall presentable by hanging items such as women's jumpers, dresses, and blouses on a rail. Use old suitcases or baskets to present scarves and bags.

If you think your friends might have clothes they're looking to get rid of too, suggest a clothes swap party. Either host it in your home, a pub or a village hall where there's lots of space for people to try things on. Serve some refreshments and take silly photos of people wearing all the clothes.


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