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Charities in Pennsylvania You Can Donate Your Car to

Charities in Pennsylvania You Can Donate Your Car to

Non-profit organizations in our country are struggling during these hard economic times. Most of them are being asked to supply services to more people in the community. Yet, donations to these non-profits are down because people have a lot less spare money available to donate to them. You can help ease some of the pressure on a charity by donating a car you no longer need. Pennsylvania has a wide variety of charities you can donate your car to.

Charities in Pennsylvania

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank collects and distributes food through a 380+ member network in 11 counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania. They distribute over 21 million pounds of food every year through soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, after school programs, senior high rises, Meals on Wheels, etc.

Charities in Pennsylvania You Can Donate Your Car to
C Donate Your Car to
The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration is the place to turn for accurate information, compassion and hope for those whose lives are touched with FTD. FTD is a disease process that causes a group of brain disorders characterized by changes in behavior and personality, language and/or motor skills, and deterioration in a person's ability to function. AFTD works to promote and fund research, provide information, education, and support for persons with FTD, and to promote public awareness.

There are almost one million people in the Delaware Valley who face hunger every day. Philabunance was founded in 1984 with the belief that no one should go hungry. They distribute about 24 million pounds of food each year to hungry people in a 9 county region and they are the area's largest hunger-relief organization.

The mission of the Westmoreland County Food Bank is to ensure that all county residents who are hungry or at risk of hunger have ready access to food. Their overhead is very low. 97% of the money donated to them goes to food and food programs.

You Can Donate Your Car to

Only half of the high school students in Philadelphia will actually graduate. 25% of the city's population does not have a high school degree. Teach for America is working to provide children growing up in Philadelphia with a good education. They do this by recruiting leaders in the area to help expand educational opportunities for the poor and to then teach there for at least 2 years.

The mission of the City Rescue Mission of New Castle is to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and offer hope. For 100 years, they have been providing food, shelter, after school care, counseling, etc. to the needy in the New Castle community.

You can support one of these exceptional charities in Pennsylvania by donating a car you do not use anymore. When you do, you will feel really good about yourself. You can donate your car even if it is poor shape, needs repair, or does not run. Your car donation will be picked up fast and free too! In return for your very generous car donation, you will receive a minimum $500 tax deduction.

donate to charities: A Consideration of Responsibility Consistently, at any rate, regular the physical mail shows up, our family unit gets upwards of about six (and now and again more) mail sales from magnanimous associations. A comparative stream of solicitations comes to us using Email.

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