5 Tips to Keep in Mind About Vehicle Donations

5 Tips to Keep in Mind About Vehicle Donations

Are you considering donating a car or truck to a charity? It is an effective way of ridding yourself of an eyesore, especially if the vehicle in question hasn't started in years. Moreover, if you are looking for a substantial tax break, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better-itemized deduction than a car donation.

Beyond that, though, you might be interested in helping the veterans, single mothers, and people in recovery who benefit as a result of a charity's work. But, donors beware. While this may seem like a win-win situation, here are five tips you may want to consider before contacting a vehicle donation charity.
5 Tips to Keep in Mind About Vehicle Donations
5 Tips to Keep in Mind About Vehicle Donations

Get Full Value Vehicle Donations

How much of the value of your donation is going to the charity you want to help? In the rush to get rid of a car or truck, some donors fail to look into just how much their vehicle will help the charity in question, especially if the donation is being handled by a third-party service. Contact the charity you want to help directly and ask how much they stand to gain.

Running or Not Vehicle Donations

Are you donating a running vehicle? Or are you just trying to get rid of an old clunker that is collecting cobwebs? Some charities will only accept cars or trucks that are running. This does not mean they have to be in optimal shape, but they do need to be running vehicles with four decent, inflated tires. The majority of car donation charities, however, are interested in any vehicle, in any condition, but you should get in touch with the charity or service in question - just to make sure.

Third-Party or Charity

You want to donate your vehicle and you want to help a charity - that's admirable. But, some car donation initiatives are sponsored by third-party groups and not charities. These organizations can give a portion of the market value of your donation to a charity, but you should consult with the donation service and the charity you wish to support. It's worth noting that third-party donation services do good deeds, but they are not necessarily affiliated with charities.

Not Just Cars, Sometimes

A car donation is one thing, but some charities and donation services will accept other types of vehicles. Trucks, vans, RVs, and even motorcycles and watercraft can be donated as well. The parameters of what kind of vehicles will be accepted vary from charity to charity, so please make sure you speak to someone at the charity and find out. This might help you clear out more than just the old clunker.

Authorized Centers

If you choose to use the services of a donation center, over and above a charity, make sure it is authorized by the state. How can you tell? You can contact the Better Business Bureau, or, better yet, call the center itself and ask. Any reputable vehicle donation center will be happy to give you a list of references, so don't be afraid to ask.


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