Ideas For Charity Auction Items

Ideas For Charity Auction Items

 Where to Get Great Packages

Your auction committee was excited about the charity auction until the donation rejections piled up. Sound familiar?
Perhaps businesses in your locale are tapped out. Or maybe your group isn't the "premier" organization in town and you're struggling to secure the better auction items.
If you've asked all your friends and family for donations but are still coming up short in the acquisitions area, here are ideas on where to get great items.
Ideas For Charity Auction Items
Ideas For Charity Auction Items


Hands down, the most effective thanks to raising cash in the associate auction is to sell 100 percent given things.
But when you can't secure a donated item, you can buy it at a discount. This is called a consignment.
Consignors often specialize. Some focus on travel, such as trips, cruises, and airfare. Others provide sports and Hollywood memorabilia. One consignor I know sells female-friendly items including jewelry, furs, and handbags.
Most consignors provide the items for a base price, perhaps offering you a $300 handbag for $150.
If the purse sells for $230, your organization makes $80, the spread between $230 and $150.

Tip: Be sure to work with a consignor offering a "no risk" policy, meaning that you won't pay for an item unless it sells. And be sure to check a consignor's references.
The advantage of using is a consignor is obvious -- with one phone call, you can secure interesting new items for your charity auction. But the opportunity cost of using a consignor can be great. Once the money is counted, the consignor may take home more cash than you.


You probably already know that you'll get a higher response on your solicitation letters if you address the letter to a real person.
"To Whom it should Concern" is not too effective once you are requesting a good auction item to be given.

But pursuit down the proper person, title, and address can consume hours.

Who has that kind of time?

Bypass the work by renting a procurement database. When you rent, the company who owns the database is responsible for keeping contact information current. You craft your letter, the owner of the database oversees the mailing, and you wait for donated items to arrive.
The database also allows you to strategically target submissions. If your guests love spa packages, use the database to mail letters to 500 international spas. Is golf a crowd favorite? Send 1,000 letters to golf courses and merchandisers.
Lean heavily on the businesses you recognize your crowd can get pleasure from.

The advantage of this approach is that your time will be spent crafting a compelling letter instead of updating an outdated procurement database. But don't forget this is a numbers game. The more letters you send, the more donations you'll receive. Don't buy a small portion of the database and expect to hit a procurement homerun.


Once reserved for bridal registries and kids Christmas lists, Amazon Wish List is now used by charities seeking in-kind donations. You can add items to your Wish List from any website, making it easy to track everything in one place.
After you've set-up the list, send email blasts to supporters with a link to your list. This tool might be perfect for those individuals happy to give but have had no luck procuring donations on their own.
The advantage is convenience. New merchandise shows up on your doorstep! But some nonprofits have found the account tricky to set up.


If your native grocery store declines to gift, don't be surprised. Many national chains manage all charity auction donation requests from headquarters. Before driving to your local mall, consider first visiting a corporation's website.
Most firms can have you ever complete a web donation request kindMany of those forms need similar datathus keep a program handy along with your organization's particulars (e.g.
mission, 501(c)3 number, gala statistics).
After you submit your request, it's a waiting game. Some companies promptly issue you a letter of acceptance and follow it with a donation. Others just send you a donation. Some never respond.
The advantage of this approach is easy -- it's so convenient! Procure donations nationally without speaking to anyone, from the ease of your own computer. But it is time-consuming. Applying for, tracking, and following up with each company is an exercise in organization and persistence.
In a nutshell, there are many ways to procure items. The best way is reaching out to those you know to secure a 100% donated item. But when those donors aren't donating, you've got these tools in your back pocket.
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