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Monday, July 22, 2019

Iron Infusion And Its Side Effects

Iron Infusion And Its Side Effects

The Need for Iron Infusions

The human metabolism needs iron to function properly. Each blood cell has small iron particles in it. These particles bind to oxygen molecules in the body and bring oxygen to the tissues. If there is not enough iron in your blood, your muscles, organs, and other tissues will not have proper oxygen levels, which leads to feelings of exhaustion.

There are different reasons for low iron levels. Some people have digestive systems that are unable to pull iron from ingested food. Others have digestive systems that cannot absorb iron. Some people may lose a lot of blood through dialysis, or they just might have low iron levels naturally. If you have a rapid production of red blood cells, it also could result in anemia.

In the instances above, there is not much to do to restore iron levels. If the body is unable to process or absorb iron, eating properly will not help. People dealing with this condition may need occasional intravenous iron infusions. These infusions will give someone proper iron levels, which will supply the body with the proper amounts of oxygen.

Iron Infusion Side Effects

After someone undergoes an iron infusion, there are a few side effects that are commonly described. These are typically minor ones and are no indication that dosage should be changed. Any side effects you experience should be reported to your physician.

One of the most common side effects of iron infusion is hypotension or low blood pressure. Low blood pressure could cause you to feel dizzy or lightheaded. Fainting is a possibility.

Muscle Cramping
As your body gets used to the extra oxygen flooding muscles and organs, you might feel cramping. Do not be alarmed by this because it will take time for your body to adjust. If you find it difficult to deal with the cramping, let your physician know.

Irregular Bowels
People have reported both constipation and diarrhea after an infusion. Both conditions can be bothersome, but your doctor should be able to control either one with medication.

After an iron infusion, appetite changes and an upset stomach are common. Your doctor might be able to suggest a medication to help you.

Headaches range in pain level from mild to severe. Because a headache may be unrelated to your iron infusion, be sure to tell your doctor if you experience them.

Most of the iron infusion side effects people experience are mild and temporary, and most people prefer them to the exhaustion that comes with iron deficiency. Before taking any medication to eliminate side effects, speak with your doctor. Many of them will go away on their own.

Iron Infusion And Its Side Effects
Iron Infusion And Its Side Effects

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