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Known Donor Registry VS Sperm Bank Donation

Known Donor Registry VS Sperm Bank Donation

In 2010, Beth Gardner founded the Known Donor Registry. Before, it stands by the name Free Sperm Donor Registry. However, as a response to experience, Beth and her wife began the process of parenthood with a known donor. That is the reason for their change of name KDR.

The goal of KDR is to create an open and active community resource for individuals who want to have children through private sperm, egg and embryo donation. The organization also wants to help individuals exercise their freedom in how, with whom, they choose to create their families. Furthermore, the group also encourages artificial insemination over natural insemination. It also provides background checks on donors through a private investigations service that has access to similar records utilized by law enforcement agencies.

 differentiated the organization founded by Beth Gardner to the traditional sperm banks. With conventional sperm banks, it is mandatory that all donors be interviewed and required to fill out a questionnaire about medical and family history. The laboratory will also ask for an initial sample to check the quality and how well it freezes. The sperm donor does not usually meet the couple who uses the sperm, nor is given any details about the child. Those who go for 'Open Identity' or 'Non-Anonymous' donation may be contacted by the child at age 18.

Even though practices at sperm banks differ, donors are always given the option to remain anonymous and free of any obligation to divulge their identity to any offspring that can result from their contribution. However, for others, it is important that the donor be willing to get involved in the child's life.

Known Donor Registry VS Sperm Bank Donation
Known Donor Registry VS Sperm Bank Donation

Beth confessed that they have their preferences when it comes to choosing a donor. Beth admitted that before, she and her partner are looking for someone with blue or green eyes, curly or wavy hair, and someone who did not have a history of obesity.' But, then, these were not deal breakers, only preferences.

Beth and her partner opt to meet and interview their candidates before selecting a match based personality and minor physical characteristics. The partner chose Nicole for the insemination because of her work flexible schedule and on the ability to breastfeed.

There are many fertility treatments available today. However, the types of treatment do vary depending on the cause of infertility and the preference of the couple. Researching or talking to an expert is a good decision if considering fertility treatments to ensure effectiveness and pregnancy success.

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