New Win-Win Advertising Technique For Fund Raising

New Win-Win Advertising Technique For Fund Raising

Here's how PR and marketing firms, and their corporate clients, can reach millions of potential customers, AND help make the world a better place by inspiring others to give even more money. Besides, the corporates receive rightful credit for doing it.
This idea starts out with alarm bells but ends with hope, and a plan.


There are a lot of urgent problems out there: war, hunger, poverty, and human rights abuses, not to speak of a global financial crisis.
Charities, NOGs, and public aid agencies are doing their best to cop, but the government and private donations to support them are nowhere near enough. Even the most generous corporations and foundations can not make up for the public support that is missing because of compassion fatigue, or cynicism over more of the 'same old bad news.'


There IS reason to hope that millions of potential donors who use social media websites can become emotionally connected people in need if you give them SERIAL storytelling.
Social media users, many of whom want to be connected with real-life dramas they can follow, are instead often targeted by fundraising campaigns that just alarm them, or try to make them feel guilty about the state of the world.
The good news is that Serial Storytelling videos give donors what they want most, a personal reason to become involved: a multi-episode series that focuses on one person, or a small group of people, as they go through an ongoing crisis. This is why people watch TV serial dramas by the millions... suspense and personal involvement with the characters. And when the characters and the crises are real, as they are the world's most desperate situations, the impact can be powerful.
Sadly, many NGOs, charities, and public aid agencies have yet to even try serial storytelling. They either haven't thought about it, don't have the budget, or the background and expertise to pull it off. But they will benefit greatly if the following plan is put into action.


If you are a corporate or private donor or have a client who is, you can leverage a modest amount of money into a fundraising campaign for your charity or good cause which could be worth many times more than what you put into it. The campaign, which is a charitable gift, but also an ad campaign for helping people in need, connects to a worldwide social media audience. The corporates don't even have to spend a dine on commercial ads for the campaign. Here is how it works.

New Win-Win Advertising Technique For Fund Raising
New Win-Win Advertising Technique For Fund Raising

Personal Drama Each series revolves around the personal lives of an individual, family, or small group, which the charity or aid agency is trying to help. The videos are shot on location. Each 'webisode' begins with a recap of the story until now. And at the end of each piece, there is a tease forward to what is at stake in the next installment

Emotional Connection: The audiences become involved in their personal struggles, dreams, and values. We discover that our featured individuals have the same needs as ourselves. We bond with them. We also show the heroics and personal efforts of charity and agency field workers

Your Brand Connection: When you sponsor a Mike Lee Serial Storytelling project for an NGO, charity, or aid agency of your choice, your brand or logo is displayed either before, during, or after each video 'webisode.' There are various interactive techniques for this.

Charities, NGOs, and aid agencies need donations. Corporates can not be expected to save the world. But the world can do a lot to save itself if enough individuals connect to serial storytelling videos about fellow human beings. Corporates can well afford to help make those serial storytelling videos possible.