Retirement Can Be A Time To Give

    Retirement Can Be A Time To Give

    Throughout their working lives, most people like to put a little money aside to give to their favorite charitable cause. However, when we reach retirement, money is often a little tighter and sometimes we have to give up donating. This can make you feel guilty or sad that you are no longer able to help the poor and needy.

    Bur actually, because you have retired you can give something far more valuable than the few pounds that you have donated in the past; you can give your time. You can work for the charity directly as a volunteer or you can organize money-making events that will raise much more money than you could ever do on your own. These can be anything from coffee mornings; golf tournaments or by selling the products of your own hobbies or interests.

    As a retiree, you become an ideal person for raising money for charities. Why - because most people who have retired tend to have a wide variety of social activities and belong to organizations that will organize charity fundraising events as part of their social calendar. This is a brilliant way to help out practically when giving financially may not be as easy as it once was.

    If you enjoy a sports activity you have another great opportunity to raise some cash for charity throughout the year either as a group if you belong to one, or just on your own. You can set up sponsorships with your friends or local companies who set money aside to sponsor groups or individual in events like cycling, running, swimming, aerobics, and the ever-popular golf tournament.

    Retirement Can Be A Time To Give

    Retirement Can Be A Time To Give

    If you belong to a sports group or organization you already have a ready-made group of people who can be persuaded to take part.
    Social clubs are also a popular spot for people who are retired where they may attend varied activities during the week such as dancing, darts, dominoes, and quizzes. If you organize a fundraising event just once a month you can raise a great deal of money for a charity. This can be done by donating the proceeds from raffles, bingo, and other sponsored activities.

    Most social clubs have bars and drinks are sold at very reasonable costs. Perhaps you could encourage the member to agree to pay an extra 5p for their drinks for just one month. This is another excellent way to raise a great deal of money.

    And don't overlook the added advantage to Social Clubs for holding fundraising activities on their premises. You can advertise the event in the local paper or even on social networking sites online - this will increase public interest and bring new members to the club.

    Local newspapers may be wont to highlight the event, and handing over a cheque is usually worth a photograph and a write-up.

    This has the added bonus of attracting people to the social club or sports organization.
    Free content may be a significant boost to extend the organization's numbers and can profit fundraising donations, too.

    Retirement is a time when you can pursue your hobbies or create new ones. Many people find a talent they never knew they had and it becomes a very creative time in their life. Selling the products of your developing skills can not only earn you an extra income, but it can also raise funds for charity. This works particularly well if you get together with other like-minded people and set up an exhibition or local craft fair.
    One example of this is a lady who developed skills in making soft toys and sold them in aid of cancer research. She chose this charity because she had suffered from cancer and recovered.
    How do you get started?
    This is not as difficult or arduous as it may seem. Here are some steps to follow that will guarantee success.

    Check with social and sports club members that charity and activities most interest them.

    Decide whether or not the fundraiser is to be a happening or an everyday event. Advertise the event well before mistreatment fliers, the internet, and word of mouth.

    Consider getting backing and support from different native businesses to extend donations and to feature credibleness.

    Make sure it's clear to contributors where the money is going and how it will be used.

    If the fundraiser is controlled during a social club, take into account ideas like race nights, dinners and dances to spice up donations.

    A daytime or evening fundraising event can be a highlight in the local community - something for people of all ages to look forward to - a worthwhile cause in a social gathering.

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