Save Your Life From Organ Donation

    Save Your Life From Organ Donation

    Save your life.

    Organ donation is built on the premise that, once you are dead, you no longer need your organs. So you should give them to others who need them. Sort of like leaving them your house or money in your will!?

    Government Pressure and Big Bucks.

    "Donate Life," they say... give the "Gift of Life," they say... in glossy government-funded brochures and magazine ads and TV commercials. In TV documentaries and radio shows the organ donation agencies tug at your heart-strings with sad stories about some poor soul who needs a new heart... or a new liver. Where can one be found? They say that YOU should give YOUR organs to help others. They say that YOU won't need them - when you're dead.
    But donors are not dead!

    What the organ harvesters fail to tell you is that organ donors are not cold cadavers when their vital, unpaired organs (like heart, lungs, and liver) are removed. They are still physically alive, with beating hearts pumping oxygenated blood through their still respiration lungs and body.

    Associate Professor James Tibballs, a pediatric intensive care specialist at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, has called for a review of organ donation guidelines to ensure donors know that their organs can be taken when they are DYING and NOT YET DEAD. Dr. Tibballs said clinical guidelines commonly used to diagnose brain death could not prove irreversible cessation of brain function, and that the concept of brain death introduced into Australian law in 1977 was a "convenient fiction" that had allowed the development of organ transplantation.

    Furthermore, Dr. Tibballs said some interventions to ensure the viability of organs could actually HARM or CAUSE THE DEATH OF THE DONOR.

    Save Your Life From Organ Donation
    Save Your Life From Organ Donation

    Medical Ethics.

    This raises serious ethical issues which cannot be ignored any longer. If "donors" are still physically alive when dissected, then it must be tantamount to murder to deliberately harvest their vital organs, thereby causing their premature death. This is no better than modern-day cannibalism. Why is this allowed? What sort of society tolerates and promotes the deliberate killing of living persons, when they are most vulnerable and unable to speak up for themselves and their God-given right to life?
    I urge you to save your life and say "NO" to organ donation. Also, care for your loved ones and say "NO" to any pressure to donate their vital organs, in the event of a serious accident or brain injury.

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