Things To Consider When Donating Large Items

Things To Consider When Donating Large Items

If you have a larger item that you want to donate to charity, such as a car or boat there are some things that you can do which will help to make the entire operation run smoothly. After all, donating an item such as this is not only going to have obvious benefits for those that are receiving the charitable contribution, it can also have benefits for you as well. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind when donating one of these larger items so that everyone will be happy with the process.

Things To Consider When Donating Large Items
Things To Consider When Donating Large Items

One of the first things that you should do is to take a look at the various charitable organizations that are available and choose one that is worthy of your trust. One of the things that you will find interesting is that some of these charitable organizations are going to funnel your money to the charities that they choose while others are going to give you the opportunity to dictate where the money from the item is distributed. You should also do your research as to where the money is going, once it reaches the end-user so that you can choose an organization that gives the majority of the money to those that are in need.

If you are going to donate a larger item, such as if you're going to donate a boat that is not mobile in of itself, you should choose an organization that is going to take care of the transportation. For very large items, such as yacht donations, this can certainly make a difference for you. If you are going to have to do the delivery on your own, it can make it difficult for you, particularly if the organization is located quite a distance from your home.

You should also consider the tax advantages of donating such an item. Care needs to be taken, however, because you cannot simply choose how much you're going to claim on your taxes when you donate your car or a boat. In some cases, the organization that accepts the larger donation is able to provide you with assistance in filling out the proper tax forms so that you can take full advantage of any monies that are coming your way. Along with that, it is also a good idea for you to note the tax status of the organization that you are using before you make a donation as well. Doing this research in advance can help to save you some headaches in the long run.

Finally, be sure that you keep very careful records of any transactions that take place during the time that you are making the donation. This is especially the case if the donation is worth more than $500, as you're going to have to provide the proper tax forms, as was described above. It is also important for you to keep any proof of the fact that you actually donated the item, perhaps in the form of a receipt from the organization that excepted the charitable contribution.


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