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American Voters of Recession and Socialism

Congratulations American Voters You Just Voted for 4-More Years of Recession and Socialism

During the run-up to the 2012 election the Republican challenger, Governor Mitt Romney, came up with a plan to get the economy running again. His political opposition, the incumbent President Obama, and Obama's Campaign political operatives immediately called Mitt Romney's plan impossible, saying that; "the numbers don't just add up." They said this because, as they explained; "you can't balance the budget without raising taxes." Actually, that's not true, Mitt Romney's plan would have worked, and I will explain why.

American Voters of Recession and Socialism

In Mitt Romney's plan, he was going to reduce the burden on small businesses, allowing those small businesses to expand their business, and hire more workers. When you hire more workers and businesses expand there are more employees, each employee pays federal income tax, and that increases the amount of revenue into the government without raising taxes. Further, large corporations are sitting on tens of billions of dollars but were afraid to invest it due to uncertainty.

In many industries, they don't know if the regulators are going to issue new rules and regulations, and in the last four years under President Obama, the onslaught of increased federal regulations has been akin to the coal sludge flooding from a broken dike. What I found rather interesting was that no one seemed to ask President Obama what his plan was. Eventually, President Obama and then at a few rallies he gave a speech and explained that his plan was to invest in education, alternative energy, and work on providing manufacturing jobs to increase our exports.

The funny thing is, that was his exact plan in 2008, and it didn't exactly work out very well did it? Our nation spent $90 billion of taxpayer's money on alternative energy businesses, guaranteed loans, straight out grants, and deductions for those who bought such products. That was supposed to produce 5 million jobs, it didn't, but the US taxpayer was left with the $90 billion bills which were added to the $1 trillion in deficit spending for every year that President Obama has been in office. He's added $5 billion to the United States' debt.

Much of that money was given to crony capitalist friends, campaign contributors, and now we have nothing to show for it but bankrupted companies, and certainly no large number of jobs perhaps a 1:50 of what was promised. Worse, wind and solar still account for less than 3% of our in-country energy generation. How about an apology? Instead, they blame China, Republicans, Congress, Wall Street, and perhaps Big Bird too, who knows?

Are we to assume that we are going to have another four more years of the same thing because this is what we were promised last time? Well, I have one thing to say to the American voters about all this. You really blew it in the 2012 election. In fact, you just voted for four more years of recession and socialism, and it may be enough that we cannot economically recover in the future from it, even if we choose at that point to reject socialism. It may be too late. We may become another Greek tragedy. Please consider all this and think on it.

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