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How Much Do You Need to Make to Get 1099?

Were you aware that you need to make just 600 dollars to receive 1099 to file 1099? We are not talking about earning that $600 dollar a week or a month. No, we are talking about anyone who earns just $600 a year needs to be filing 1099 with the IRS. That would come out to $50 a month for twelve months in any given tax year.

To start some kind of business where we would work for ourselves, if we are making just 50 dollars a month for twelve months of the tax year we are responsible to report it to the IRS. Most businesses where we are representatives or distributors, for the right to sell their products or services, these companies are required to send us 1099 with our total earnings for the year. This is why our social security number or a tax id number is required for us to receive commissions over 600 dollars per year.
How Much Do You Need to Make to Get 1099?

In the case where we are working for ourselves and we receive all the money upfront first and not from the company, such as retail sales, we are responsible to keep up with all the money and report it on the schedule c tax form. In this case, we would not receive 1099, but we would still need to file just the same.

This is an important reason to know all your rights and obligations before starting some type of business or even a home-based business. We are still responsible to pay income taxes and in some cases the local and state sales tax where applicable.

Are you working some type of business or are you looking to start some type of home-based business? Keep in mind that you are responsible to pay your taxes whether you work a job or work for yourself. Do not let the idea of working for yourself scare you. Being self-employed has its perks, but we still must pay our taxes.

It is important if you are looking for a way to make money and work when you want to work to find something that will allow you the most profit in as little as a few months to a year. We are not talking about get-rich-quick schemes, but a real way to make money for some honest effort. Something that will allow you to see a profit for work done just like a job, but working your own schedule. Take off a day to be with the family when you want to take off and not be a slave to the system.

There are some honest and ethical ways you can make money from the comfort of your home just be sure you do your homework and find something right for you and your family. But keep in mind that you will be responsible to pay your income taxes. Do not think of it as a way to get out of paying income tax, but rather as a way to give yourself more financial freedom, recreational freedom and a way to spend more quality time with your loved ones.

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