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Lemonade Stand - Marketing Strategy

Place, product, promotion, budget, and price are the important deciding factors for a successful business. Before starting the business, decide the location as it is key for a successful business. Choose a good quality product, proper advertisement and a reasonable price to attract the customers.

How much money you are going to collect by your kid's lemonade stand? Is there competition in your area as other kids are already running their lemonade stand? By visiting their lemonade stand, you can understand what are the new products they are selling and how much the customers like them.

Your ambition should not only collect money but also keep the environment clean. Decide the suppliers who give disposable cups, glasses, water, ice, lemonade ingredients, and the containers to store lemonade at a competitive price. Always find out the weather condition and decide your business timings.

Before starting kids, try to take a survey from the people whether they are interested in your lemonade product. Creating a business to help others is the essence of Lemons to Lemonade; a fun idea that turned into a great way to help others in need. Lemonade has been a part of everyone's childhood To which children's charity you are going to give your profit earned from the? You can even have an online fund rising website where people can contribute their money if they cannot come by the lemonade stand.

Advertising campaigns, lemonade posters, banners, media attention, press releases and ads through bikes are some of the ways to spread. You should communicate with your parents and explain your plans and activities. Parent's supervision, advice, and help are essential to run a smooth.

You should have your own secret recipe for your lemonade. Security to protect your products and supervision of an adult would give you good training. Make your customers extra special by adding something extra like mint, honey, ginger, etc. to the lemonade. They will notice this and the next day, they will even bring their friends to your lemonade stand.

Never hesitate to tell your friends and neighbors about this lemonade stand. 'Never give up' must be your attitude and you should not feel shy to scream 'taste the free lemonade', at the passing cars. Few may accept your invitation! Only proper determination, fixed price, but offer at the prices the customers are willing to pay and targeting the right customers are the marketing strategies of a lemonade stand.

Lemonade posters and slogans like 'Control your thirst by lemonade', 'Taste it today, tomorrow I will charge you half', helps to attract people.

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