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Shopping Online That Leads to Charity Giving: Everyone Wins

Shopping Online That Leads to Charity Giving

The internet has become such a prominent part of most of our lives, it is difficult to remember a time when we did not have it. We use it to get directions before embarking on a trip, to get phone numbers and addresses, to find out what movies are playing and what restaurants are open, to play games and watch movies, and to purchase and listen to music. Shopping online has become one of the most convenient ways to shop. We never have to leave the house to do our holiday shopping, even our grocery shopping if we so choose.

Of course, the instant exposure to the new and to gossip and misinformation, exposure to less than savory sites and images, and the constant barrage of scams and scandals have pointed many away from the internet, but some organizations and businesses have found ways to do a great deal of good with this great technological tool. One excellent example of this is the appearance of sites that make it possible to give to charity simply by shopping for goods and services you would buy anyway.

Too Good to Be True?

Before the internet gave us so many options from the comfort of our couches, it did not seem feasible to find retailers all over the world who would agree to give money to charity simply because a consumer requested it. However, this is what is happening, and the internet is making it possible with the help of some entrepreneurs with a vision.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, retailers that are not geographically close to one another or even philosophically linked, can work together in cyberspace. A single organization will contact retailers and service providers, offering to list them together on a single site. They build a cyber shopping mall, in a sense, where a consumer can easily access sites and product information about any number of retailers in one place. The convenience and the advertising is done on the part of the coordinating organization draw consumers that each individual retailer could not have done on their own.

In return for including them in their site, or cyber mall, each retailer agrees to give a percentage of their revenue, received through this site only, to several predetermined charities. In the long run, it is a great investment, because the profit from the revenue generated from consumers shopping online through these sites, exceeds the monies they are giving to the charitable organizations.

Everyone Wins

The consumer would be shopping online anyway, and they gain ease and convenience from the ability to find so much of what they need in one place. The retailer gains customers they may otherwise never have had and gets to align themselves with charitable giving, and of course, the charity benefits from the funds and from the exposure. A well-structured organization with a carefully planned and executed website, advertising regimen will gain a strong retailer and consumer base because the process works for everyone involved.

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