Translate text from photos with Triplens app


If you intend to spend a wonderful summer vacation and you want to diminish that language barrier between you and the natives.

If you want to deal with the residents of the country and speak with them in their native language, you will definitely need an app to help you translate some words and learn a new language, to help you in your work, but it is difficult to find such app because of the large and increasing number of apps relevant to what we are talking about here, so what is the best app that you can download from google play?

If you asked this question, then salute you are in the right place. I recommend Triplens app which is a leading one in the field of translation and it will help you translate text from photos.

Just take a photo of the words to be translated and select the target language. The app then will translate that text into the selected language. It’s of great value in translating text also. You can translate pages of text to a target language in just a few seconds.

You just take a photo or upload one from your gallery and the app will recognize the language of the text and will translate it to whatsoever language you want. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the translation in the target language.

Features of the app:

This app contains more than 55 foreign languages including​ the most popular languages ​​around the world such as German, French, English and much more languages ​​you can figure out yourself by just downloading the app.

There are also other features you can activate using special settings in the app such as:

  • Converting text to speech and mute audio
  • Translates any file that contains text including photos, just select the file and align the text with the camera
  • There is a paid version of the app that will be of a great benefit to you and your time. You can discover more. Try the app and do not forget to share it with your friends

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